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Villa Argentina is a marvelous artistic and architectural jewel located near the pine forest of Viareggio. 
A liberty masterpiece with a touch of modernism of the start of the ninetieth century, when the Versilia went through a period of cultural, touristic and economic development.
The first nucleus of the Villa was built thanks to the venture and the love for art of its first owner Francesca Racca Oytana. Her daughter Josefina Racca then brought important extension of the spaces and both aesthetic and functional enhancements which made the Villa unique within its genre.
The external side of the building bewitches the human eye with the elegant ceramics made by the artist Galileo Chini, which for their realization he took inspiration from the art of the renaissance and from the liberty school of Gustav Klimt. 
The interior of the Villa gives the visitor multiple unexpected surprises, starting from the sumptuous Mirrors' Room which hosts the exotic pictorial cycle called Persian marriage, realized by the Sardinian painter Giuseppe Biasi, to the other rooms of the ground floor, the characteristic trod iron staircase which leads to the upper floor and the splendid terrace, a magical space for every beauty lover.
Villa Argentina is today property of the Province of Lucca, which curated the delicate phases of its restoration and continues to safeguard, with passion and dedication, its admirable high historical and artistic value. Nowadays the Villa is livened up during the whole year by various important exhibits, events and cultural meetings. Recently it also became the place where you can promise yourselves eternal love: in fact, Villa Argentina hosts the celebrations of marriages and civil unions, thanks to an agreement with the City of Viareggio.