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Other spaces


The Green Lounge
At the end of the corridor near the main staircase we can find, on the left, the spaces which in the past hosted the Villa's dining room, which can be entered going through a wooden and glass sliding door enhanced by garnished paper.
The studies made during the restorations made it possible to recover the original room's colors, which harmoniously presents itself: the green colored mirrors, the pink ivory ceilings, the wooden frames of the mirrors and the double chromed pillars, silver and brown. The gritting pavement is a new element added during the refurbishment of the Villa. 
The room, specifically equipped, hosts conferences and cultural meetings.

The first floor
The spaces on the first floor once hosted the Villa's private apartments. The use of the structure as an hotel, in the '50s of 1900, brought a noticeable change to these spaces. The restoration has made possible to recover the original rooms' colors in addition to the restoration of the missing stuccoes and bundles. The grit pavements are able to steal the look thanks to their elegance, harmony and diversity; it is indeed interesting to find out how the motifs on the floor change in every room.

The courtyard 
On the eastern part of the Villa there are the spaces and services which host the Library “Senatore Milziade Caprili”.
The access to these spaces is possible thanks to a secondary gate, located in Via Vespucci, which goes through a little courtyard with a small loggia, with a wall decorated by a glass window which preserves the monogram of the Sant'Elia family. The glass wall, composed of poly chrome glasses refined in lead, went through a careful restoration with the addition of the missing parts, similar to the original ones in colors and thickness.


Inside of the Green Lounge, nowadays used to host conferences and events